AS6723 - Сommunications operator - Data tranfer

Data transfer

«AS6723» has extensive experience in designing and building virtual private data networks. Companies that are interested in such a decision according to their objectives and expectations can choose:

  • Corporate networks using a secure communication channel based on productive equipment to encrypt data as it is in the network «AS6723» and out of it.
  • Fibers rent will be interesting for companies with their own local network infrastructure.
  • Transportation to transfer information to a stable speed "point - point" for solving problems in combining geographically separated offices (facilities).



  • Company with a broad network of offices that has a need to transfer large amounts of data, as well as access to the database in online mode through a secure channel. They are:

    • warehouses and logistics centers;
    • wholesale and retail trade companies;
    • state and municipal structures;
    • medical and health centers;
    • institutions of the hospitality industry;
    • manufacturing and industrial enterprises;
    • educational institutions.
  • For companies that have geographically wide IT infrastructure.