AS6723 - Сommunications operator - Data center

Data Center

Co-location is a general name of location equipment service (typically telecommunications one) on a technical platform provider of these services.

Typically, the need for this arises from the fact that there is no way to provide considerable investment without operating parameters that are appropriate for the operation of Internet servers on the areas and by the customer.

The service can be relevant in the case when some information should be available online, but it should not be physically located in the office of the customer - for example, financial or other information, that is a trade secret.

«AS6723» has the following conditions for the quality work of provider:

  • high-speed Internet connection , a duplicate in case of failure of the main one;
  • first category system power supply ( with reservation and automatically switching on reserve);
  • system for creating and maintaining the microclimate ( temperature of the room should be +18- +21 C., humidity - 30 % -70 % and the range of purity - not less than 4);
  • 24 hours monitoring;
  • security.