AS6723 - Сommunications operator


Our company has over 20 years of experience in providing corporate telecom services based on optical fiber communication channels without setting limits on the amount of traffic. Our clients - leading technology companies and public organizations.

great quality and excellent service


Our Clients

We have the trust of many IT and media companies, publishers, outsourcing companies, industry organizations, HoReCa, Software- companies, delivery services, major developers , banks, government organizations, private companies and institutions, including:

For new customers

  • We calculate a preliminary cost of connection for 30 minutes
  • We organize our specialist’s on-site visit for the final calculation of cost the day after the preliminary estimation
  • You became our Subscriber less than in a week
  • We provide stable operation of the Internet with 99.7% uptime

For existing customers

  • Change the location when your office moves
  • Increasing capacity and promote your business in sustainable development
  • Join representatives of your company in the corporate network when the need arises

Internet for individuals

"Home Network" - Unlimited possibilities for home users in Kiev
TeremkyLan - is the largest computer network of Teremki and Goloseevo regions